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Hitachi Power Tools to be renamed as HiKoki in ASIA and METABO HPT in USA on 2018.

An exciting announcement from the President of Hitachi Koki, Japan:

2017 has ushered an exciting, fresh start for our company. We have committed to accelerate growth alongside a dynamic new partner as we pursue our goal to become a global leader in power tools and life-science instruments. As part of this new chapter, I'm proud to announce that we will change our company name to Koki Holdings in June 2018. And, with great excitement, I'm thrilled to announce that effective October 2018, our current brand  "HITACHI" will become a new brand known as "HiKOKI".


Most Frequency Concerns and Questions (FAQS)

Why is the brand changing from HITACHI to HiKOKI?
With their new partnership with KKR, the change in brand is part of the strategy to aggressively grow the company worldwide by delivering significantly more innovation and a wider range of products for tradespeople.
What will happen to the existing HITACHI Power Tools?
ONLY the name will change on NEW models. The tools themselves won't change, the model numbers and spare parts will be exactly the same.
However a much wider range of tools and accessories will be released under the new HiKOKI name, starting from October 2018.
Will HiKOKI 18V tools be compatible with my existing HITACHI tools?
YES. The existing tools will be exactly the same as they are now. The 18V platform remains unchanged throughout the transition - all 18V slide tools will remain compatible.
What sort of new innovations will I see from HiKOKI Power Tools?
More state of the art innovative technology, leading edge High Capacity battery technology, the most advanced Cordless Drills, Impact Drivers and Wrenches, more AC Brushless tools, just to name a few.
On the other note, HITACHI Powertools USA have a different rename in mind.



Hitachi Power Tools will rename from Hitachi Power Tools to Metabo HPT for its full line of power tools, fasteners, accessories and outdoor power equipment products for North America

The transition will start from September 2018 with the launch of MultiVolt, while the majority of products will changeover after December 2018.

Products will retain current brand identity: same color, same model numbers, same warranties and the same battery interchangeability. They will be made by the same people, in the same factories, with the same specifications and focus on innovation that customers have come to expect.

Most Frequency Concerns and Questions (FAQS).

1. What happened to Hitachi Power Tools?

  • Hitachi Power Tools (Hitachi Koki USA, Ltd.- scheduled to change the name to Koki Holdings America, Ltd. in Fall 2018), headquartered in Braselton, GA- will operate as Metabo HPT - a brand of Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd. (scheduled to change the name to Koki Holdings Co., Ltd. in June 2018).
  • All Power Tool factories will continue to produce the same tools under the Metabo HPT name.
  • Inventory will transition starting from September 2018 with the launch of MultiVolt, while the majority of products will changeover after December 2018.
  • Same design, same color, same quality, same warranty, same service centers, same factories, same people, same engineering = same brand new name.

2. Why are you changing the name?

  • KKR, a leading global investment firm, partnered with Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd business unit from April 2017.
  • Hitachi Power Tools USA chose to Re-Name as Metabo HPT in March 2018.
  • Our name is changing because we are no longer a part of Hitachi Ltd.

3. How are Metabo HPT and Metabo related?

  • Metabo and Metabo HPT are separate brands of Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd.
  • These brands are stand-alone brands and not interchangeable.
  • Metabo HPT replaces Hitachi Power Tools and is headquartered in Braselton, GA.
    • Metabo HPT (Hitachi Power Tool) inquiries should be directed to:
  • Metabo is headquartered in West Chester, PA.
    • Metabo inquiries should be directed to the below contact:
      • Metabo
        1231 Wilson Dr.
        West Chester, Pennsylvania 19380

        (800) 638-2264

4. Will my Hitachi (now Metabo HPT) tool still be serviced and warrantied?

  • Yes. All Hitachi Power Tools will continue to be warrantied and supported under the same structure as they were prior to the name change.