Electrode Holder

Yong-in 용인 HD Electrode Holder - goldpeak-tools-ph
from ₱280.00

Yong-in 용인 HD Electrode Holder


Features: High Heat Resistant Technology Durable and High Quality Korean Brand 용인 Price Guide:300A - 280.00500A - 360.00

from ₱280.00
Jackson Electrode Holder - goldpeak-tools-ph
from ₱240.00

Jackson Electrode Holder


Engineered to work, for Work.Item No. 0700-0012AW-CAmperes: 300AElectrode Capacity: 1/4 inchCable Capacity: No. 4 through 2/0Weight: 19 oz.Copper A...

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from ₱240.00

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