How to Spot Fake Powertools in the Philippine Market

1. Google Search the model if it's an existing model in the Philippine Market. 

Search and use GOOGLE by typing in the BRAND and Model of the item. If there are product pages from the Brand itself or Product page from Legitimate Dealers in the Philippines. Check the appearance if it's the same as being sold. 

2. Packaging looks authentic and stickers.

Packaging is of high quality and not worn out in any way. Discoloration of the box can be one of the major evidence that it is indeed a fake.
If the item is not made in china and the price is at 3k lower, it's probably FAKE.

3. Check if other sellers or dealers of the brand have the item also for sale.

If the model is existing and have the same appearance, contact Facebook Pages of legitimate dealers of the brand to confirm authenticity of the power tool.

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4. Seller is not a legitimate business and only a person with no physical address.

If they don't have a receipt or just want to do meet ups and have no physical address. Meaning they don't want you looking for them if any incidents or bad workmanship of the item.

5. Google and double check again.

Internet is our friend. Post in Buy and Sell Group of Powertools on Facebook Groups and ask opinion of other users of the power tool brand.

Facebook Group: Powertools Buy and Sell MANILA 


FAKE Items have no warranty and have no way to buy spare parts for it!
Hope it helps and enjoy your power tools shopping now!

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