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Golden Agin Tungho SA-16 Stainless Knapsack Sprayer


 Golden Agin Indonesia

Durable and Last-Worthy for your Agriculture Needs!
Made in Indonesia - Golden Agin

 Quality Tested by AMTEC

Tank Capacity: 16 Liters
Stainless Steel Body
Type: Manual

Instructions to Use:
A. How to Use
 1. Connect the nozzle, sprayer pipe, faucet, hose and carrying rope to the tank.
 2. Tighten the bolts and nuts threads of each sprayer part.
 3. Put a few liters of clean fresh water into the tank through the tank filling hole.
 4. Move pump lever rhythmically up and down.
B. Trial Use
 1. Open the tank cover and put the pesticide fluids.
 2. Raise the sprayer on your back by bearing both the carrying belts on your shoulders.
 3. Move the pump lever up and down to get pressure. After getting the pressure as desired, open the faucet.
 4. Point the spraying pipe and the nozzle tip towards the part of the plant to be sprayed with the pesticide solution.
C. Maintenance
 1. Do not store sprayer if there is still a pesticide solution in the tank, remove it completely.
 2. Clean the sprayer after use with soapy water until clean.
 3. Dry the sprayer with a clean cloth and then put it into the carton box (for a bit longer storage). In case of the worn packing, replace with a new one as the worn packing may result in leakage or performance impairment of the sprayer.

 *Spare parts available as per order.