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AGP DE25 Wet & Dry Vacuum with Power Outlet

by AGP

  TAIWAN Professional Tools

■ Purpose-built to work in conjunction with our power tools,
   the DE25 Wet / Dry Vacuum Dust Extractor System has
   integrated switching for tools up to 2200W.
   So you don't need to turn the machine on or off manually,
   just operate the power tool's switch!
■ Whether you are using a sander, circular saw, wall chaser,
   scouring machine or other power tool, the features of the
   DE25 are designed to fit the needs of professionals.
■ Variable suction power allows you to tailor the vacuum to
   the job at hand.
■ The tank has an effective capacity of 25 liters and everything is
   easy to access for quick dumping and filter clearing.
■ High-output 1200W motor with enough reserve suction power
   to work virtually dust-free, even in the most dust-producing
   power tool applications.
■ Long-life motor has bypass cooling to avoid over-heating, even
   in the most challenging conditions.
■ Fully-Automatic Electromagnetic Filter Shaker for convenient,
   uninterrupted use. At preset intervals, the Filter Shaker Loosens
   fine particles which would normally clog the filter.
■ Powerful Electric Blower function.
Video Demonstration:
Model DE25
Power Input 1200W
Voltage 110-120V~ 50-60Hz, 220-240V~ 50-60Hz
Max. Airflow 4000 l/min (141.3 CFM)
Max. Suction (Lift) 25 kpa (250 mbar, 100.4 inches of water)
Protection IP 44
Max. Dust Capacity 25 L (6.6 gallons)
Max. Connected Power Tool 2200 W
Soft Start With
Dimensions (LxWxH) 598mm x 408mm x 420mm
Net Weight 12.9kg (28.44 Lbs)