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Bernmann B-15561 Paint Master Tool Kit


Special Features:-
Cleans Paint Brushes Up To 6'' And Rollers
No Electric Drill Is Required For Driving Paint Mixer (8mm Hexagon Shaft)
Ball Bearing Mechanism For Smooth Operation.
Cleans By Centrifugal Force Which Cleans Brush & Roller Quickly And Thoroughly
Quick Colour Changes And Much Time Saving

1. Remove Excess Paint From Brush By Wiping On Side Of Bucket From Roller Cover With Roller Scraper
2. Insert Brush Into Grippers Or Roller Cover Over Grippers Half Way.dip Brush Or Roller In Appropriate Solvent
3. Remove From Solvent And Spin In Empty Paint Can Or Container.
4. Insert Paint Mixer Into Grippers And Secure It By Hex Key Wrench Then Put The Paint Mixer Into Paint Can Or Container To Mix Paint