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Bosch 10pcs Expert Jigsaw Blade Set (2607010574)

by Bosch
Original price ₱3,008.00
Current price ₱1,504.00

Bosch 10pcs Expert Jigsaw Blade Set (2607010574)

10 Piece Top Expert Jigsaw Blade Set, Robust Line is ideal for multi-material applications.

Contains blades that are designed for a wide range of special materials including ceramic, fiber and plaster, acrylic and laminate, while they also deliver reliable results in hardwood and metal.

Compatible with jigsaws with a single lug shank system, comes in a tough and compact Robust Line storage box that provides a good overview, safe storage and transportation of its contents.

Contains blades for: Ceramics, Inox, Fiber & Plaster, Acrylic, Soft Material, Hard Wood, Laminate, Metal, Aluminum

Inside the pack:
1 x T130 RIFF Special for Ceramics
1 x T118 AHM Special for Stainless
1 x T141 HM Special for Fiber and Plaster
1 x T101 A Special for Acrylic
1 x T113 A Special for Soft Material
1 x T101 BF Clean for Hardwood
1 x T101 BIF Special for Laminate
1 x T118 AF Flexible for Metal
1 x T227 D Special for Aluminum
1 x T123 X Progressor for Metal