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Bosch 2608610001 Lambswool Bonnet for GEX 125-1AE

by Bosch

Bosch is a leading global supplier of technology from Germany. It's also one of the market leader here in the Philippines for Power tools.

Bosch 2608610001 Lambswool Bonnet for GEX 125-1AE

  • This is a hook and loop backed polishing bonnet suitable for random orbit disc sanders. Appropriate for all conventional brands of machines.
  • Large diamter of 130mm for use with polish or for working in surface.
  • Suitable for polishing slightly dirty surfaces and scratches
  • Easy to operate, the most outstanding is super soft fleece on the meticulous care, will never have a little damage when you wash a car.
  • Suitable for surface finishing after polishing and for removing dried on polish residues.
  • For dry application on curved and even surfaces
  • Creates high gloss finish
  • For polishing of car exterior
  • Recommended accessory for Bosch GEX 125-1AE

Material: Wool