Bosch 90° Nozzle for AQT Pressure Washers

Bosch is a leading global supplier of technology from Germany. It's also one of the market leader here in the Philippines for Power tools.

  • Ideal for cleaning under car wheel arches
  • Remove dirt build up in guttering with ease
  • Fits the Bosch AQT range

This powerful 90 degree nozzle directs the water into hard to reach areas. Providing all the power you'll need! This is the ideal attachment for removing dirt from car wheel arches and clearing blockages in guttering. It can be used on any Bosch AQT high pressure washer

Compatible with:
AQT 33-11 / AQT 33-10 / AQT 35-12 /
AQT 37-13 / AQT 40-13 / AQT 42-13 / AQT 45-14 X

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