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COPKO Electric Bar Cutting Machine

Model Capacity Bar Motor Kw. (Kw.) Cutting (Speed/sec.) Price
SKC-32 25mm 1.5 / 220 ; 2.2 / 380 3 285,600.00
SKC-42 32mm 2.2 / 220 ;3.7 / 380 5 369,600.00
SKC-52 42mm 5.5 5.5 554,400.00

Model (Spare Blade) Price
SKC-32-BLADE 15,500.00
SKC-42-BLADE 19,100.00
SKC-52-BLADE 22,700.00

COPKO Electric Bar Cutter (Hydraulic System)

Bar Cutter SKC-32 / Bar Cutter SKC-42 / Bar Cutter SKC-52

  • The Bar Cutter has directly operating hydraulic cutting systems with a force of 80 tons and made up of high quality materials in all parts. Set of Hydraulic is imported from Italy, Motor is from Mitubishi-Japan, and spare blade from Germany which can ensure to have very long machine life.
  • Bar Cutter can cut bars of sizes 25, 32, 42 mm. with hard ness up to SD 50 by using high quality blades that has 4 cutting edges.
Key Features:
    • Bar Cutter is silent, smooth and safe compared to the gear transmission type.
    • Wheels built-in for easy transport.
    • Blade space of Bar Cutter can be adjusted to suit various bar sizes, helps save time.
    • Bar Cutter has extremely strong with one-piece, 75-117 mm. Thick mainframe.
      • U-shaped blade slot makes multiple bar cutting easy and prevents spread bar-bundle.
      • One-way motor of Bar Cutter helps saving power consumption and helps extend machine life and it is result in slowly deteriorate of motor and electrical system.
        • Installable anywhere. Needs no concrete base. Easy for transportation
          • Bar Cutter has double safe hydraulic system with relief and piston valve that prevent cutting of oversized bars.
            • Achieved by reduction of power when the poison is at full stroke to prevent overloading and to lengthen the life of the machine.
              • Bar Cutter is a vailable for both 1 phase 220V and 3 phase 380V systems with protection devices to prevent damage to the motor in the event of power of phase failure.

              Video Demonstration: