Dremel 420 Cut Off Wheel

by Dremel

The Dremel brand has been helping Makers with its full line of versatile tool systems that deliver the perfect solution for professionals or DIY projects.

Dremel 420 - Heavy Duty Cut-Off Wheels
(.040" thick, 20 per pkg.) for all kinds of material.

With this accessory you can cut-off, groove and trim metals, woods and ceramics. You can also trim castings, molded ceramics, cut screws and rusted bolts and make slots in screw heads. Use with Mandrel No. 402. Keep a light touch, it will break under too much pressure. We advise to secure objects to a stable surface during work. Supplied in a pack of 20.

Features :

  • A cutting disc made of a hard abrasive with a diameter of 15/16" (23.8 mm) and a width of 0.040" (1.0 mm).

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