Kawasaki JC25 / HC25 Pressure Washer Set

Not recommended for shipping since item contains oil and must always be transported "upright". 

Kawasaki JC25 / HC25 Pressure Washer Set 
Belt Driven ( Heavy Duty ) 
Model Number depending on batch

Specifications Spraying Irrigation
Pressure (kg/cm2) 21-35 0-10
Suction (l/min) 14 20
Rotation per minute (rpm) 800 1200
Power (Motor) 1.5 HP
Japan Technology

* Mindong Electric Motor 1.5 Horse Power
* Kawasaki Piston Pump
* 10m Discharge Hose
* 2m Suction Hose
* 2m Return Hose
* Sprayer Straight
* Base

*Note: Pump is Oil Maintained, always check oil gauge and refill when possible to avoid breakdown of unit.

Specifications may change without prior notice.

3 Months Service Warranty

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