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Klein Hotline Chicago Grip with Latch

by Klein

  Top Quality U.S.A Tools

Chicago Grip w/Latch, Bare Conductors

Klein Tools 1656 Series Chicago Grips have a round, smooth inside jaw contour making it perfect for work with stranded copper cables. These smooth jaws grip with maximum contact and are less likely to cause cable deformation. This grip also has a hot-line latch designed for placing a grip on a cable with a hot-line stick. The three notches in the hot-line latch adjust the balance of the grip to better match the direction of the cable sag. Grips are rigorously tested and pulled to rated load to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

  • Hot-line grips for both bare and insulated conductors
  • Grip may be placed on wire with hot-line stick
  • When stick is removed, latch closes automatically to guard against grip accidentally disengaging from wire
  • Standard hot-line grips are not supplied with springs or lock-open features
  • Made in USA
Model Price
1656-20H 17,000.00
1656-30H 19,000.00
1656-40H 32,000.00


Model Type: Application: Cable Type:
Cable Diameter:
1656-20H Chicago Grip Bare Conductors Copper, ACSR, AAC
0.2'' to 0.4'' (5.08 to 10.16 mm)
1656-30H Chicago Grip Bare Conductors Copper, ACSR, AAC
0.31'' to 0.53'' (7.87 to 13.46 mm)
1656-40H Chicago Grip Bare Conductors ACSR, AAC
0.53'' to 0.74'' (13.46 to 18.8 mm)

Model Hot Latch: Swing Latch: Spring:
Locking Handle:
1656-20H Y N N Y
1656-30H Y N N Y
1656-40H Y N N Y


Model Jaw Type: Jaw Length: Maximum Safe Load:
1656-20H Round 4'' (10.2 cm) 4500 lb (2041 kg)
3.15 lb (1.43 kg)
1656-30H Round 4.75'' (12.1 cm) 4500 lb (2041 kg)
3.95 lb (1.79 kg)
1656-40H Round 5.5'' (14 cm) 8000 lb (3629 kg)
8.5 lb (3.92 kg)