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Mitutoyo CD-8C Digimatic (Digital) Caliper 8" 'MyCAL ABSOLUTE' [500-172-30]

 Precision is our Profession

Mitutoyo CD-8C Digimatic (Digital) Caliper 8" 'MyCAL ABSOLUTE' [500-172-30]
SERIES 500 — with exclusive ABSOLUTE Encoder Technology

A built-in ABS (absolute) scale means that these calipers are ready to use immediately
after power-on without origin resetting - just like using a vernier caliper .

  • Graduation:  0.0005"/0.01mm
  • Range: 0-8" / 200mm


  • An ABSOLUTE electromagnetic induction linear encoder system is incorporated (except for O - 300 mm I O - 1 2 inch models).
  • New ergonomic design with finger rest.
  • The ZERO/ABS button allows the display to be Zero-Set at any slider position along the scale for comparison measurements. This button will also allow return to the absolute (ABS) mode and display of the true position from the origin (usually jaws closed point).
  • Large and clear LCD readout.
  • Smooth slider movement makes for
    comfortable operation.
  • 1 8,000 hours battery life.
  • Allows step measurement.
  • Carbide-tipped jaw calipers are optimal
    for rough finished parts, castings, grinding
    stones, etc.
  • Allows integration into statistical process
    control and measurement systems for models
    with measurement data output connector.

Technical Data

Accuracy: ±0.02 mm (s200 mm), ±0.03 mm (s300 mm)
(excluding quantizing error)
Resolution: 0.01 mm or 0.0005 in I 0.01 mm
Repeatability 0.01 mm
Display: LCD
Scale type*: ABSOLUTE electromagnetic induction linear
*ABSOLUTE electrostatic capacity static linear encoder for
0 - 300 mm I 0 - 12 inch models.
Max. response speed: Unlimited
Battery: SR44 (1 pc), 938882,
for initial operational checks (standard accessory)
Battery life: Approx. 5 years under normal use (1 8,000
hours for continuous use)


  • Absolute measurement: After power is turned ON,measurement can be started without zero-setting if origin-setting was previously performed. The Absolute origin position can be changed by the ORIGIN button.
  • Incremental measurement: Display can be set to zero at any arbitrary position for comparative measurements
  • Low-voltage alert: If the battery voltage becomes low, a "B" appears in the display to alert the user before measurement is no longer possible. A battery change advisory alert precedes this alert.
  • Data output By using the connecting cable (option), measurement data can be output.
  • Data hold: By using the data hold unit (option), the displayed value can be held. This cannot be used with the data output function.

*Certificate of Inspection and Calibration is available by request with for a fee.