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Mitutoyo Long Absolute Digimatic Caliper

 Precision is our Profession

SERIES 500 — with exclusive ABSOLUTE Encoder Technology

A built-in ABS (absolute) scale means that these calipers are ready to use immediately
after power-on without origin resetting - just like using a vernier caliper .

Code Model Range Graduation Price
500-501-0 CD-60C 0-600mm 0.01mm 58,700.00
500-502-10 CD-100C 0-1000mm 0.01mm 103,500.00
500-505-10 CD-18C 18"/450mm 0.0005"/0.01mm 54,600.00
500-506-10 CD-24C 24"/600mm 0.0005"/0.01mm 59,200.00
500-507-10 CD-40C 40"/1000mm 0.0005"/0.01mm 108,000.00


  • Long Digital caliper incorporating an ABSOLUTE scale and available with a measuring range from 450 mm to 1 000 mm.
  • Allows step measurement
  • Allows integration into statistical process control and measurement systems for models

Technical Data

Accuracy: ±0.05 mm (s600 mm), ±0.07 mm (sl 000 mm)
(excluding quantizing error)
Resolution: 0.01 mm or 0.0005 in I 0.01 mm
Repeatability: 0.01 mm
Display: LCD
Scale type: ABSOLUTE electrostatic capacity linear encoder
Max. response speed: Unlimited
Battery: SR44 (1 pc), 938882,
for initial operational checks (standard accessory)
Battery life: Approx. 3.5 years under normal use
Max. response speed: Unlimited


  • Absolute measurement: After power is turned ON,measurement can be started without zero-setting if origin-setting was previously performed. The Absolute origin position can be changed by the ORIGIN button.
  • Incremental measurement: Display can be set to zero at any arbitrary position for comparative measurements
  • Low-voltage alert: If the battery voltage becomes low, a "B" appears in the display to alert the user before measurement is no longer possible. A battery change advisory alert precedes this alert.
  • Data output By using the connecting cable (option), measurement data can be output.
  • Data hold: By using the data hold unit (option), the displayed value can be held. This cannot be used with the data output function.

*Certificate of Inspection and Calibration is available by request with for a fee.