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Total THWS030301 Hose Quick Connect Set (3pcs)

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Original price ₱320.00
Current price ₱160.00

3-pcs Hose Quick Connectors Set
  • Used to easily attach and detach a garden hose
  • Connects to any water-based device with a compatible 1/2" quick-plug fitting
  • Quick plug connects to any water faucet with standard 3/4" thread
  • Quick couplers compatible with any 1/2" diameter garden hose
  • Made of high quality ABS material
  • Set of high quality hose connectors used to easily attach and detach a 1/2" diameter garden hose to a standard 3/4" water supply faucet.
Other end of the hose can then be used to quick-connect to a compatible water spray gun or the inlet of a compatible car pressure washer.

NOTE: To protect your pressure washer components from possible water supply dirt, sediments and other impurities, it is highly recommended to use a water filter at the pressure washer inlet.

Made of high quality ABS material.

What’s Included:
1 x 3/4" water faucet connector with hose quick plug
2 x hose quick couplers