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Wisdom Lamp 3A Miner's LED Cap Cordless Mining Lamp / Head Light 3A (with USB Charger Adapter)

by Wisdom
Original price ₱6,500.00
Current price ₱5,040.00

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Wisdom Lamp 3A Miner's LED Cap Cordless Mining Lamp / Head Light 3A (with USB Charger Adapter)

Cordless miner's cap lamp

  • Rechargeable, USB charging.
  • Explosion-proof, ATEX GROUP II.
  • Water-proof, IP68.
All in One Miner's Cap Lamp

Lighter! Super Bright!

For Outdoor Sport

Outdoor sport light! Lighter, brighter, safer! 13 hours run-time
absolutely waterproof and super impact resistance.

Super bright of
12000 lux

* in 1 meter

Advanced LED light source

High capacity of
7000 mAh li-ion battery

13 hours long lasting with
two cells, high efficiency!


Super impact resistance!
Rolled many times by 2 tons
full size large SUVs
without any damage!!!

Dive to 20 meters!

IP68 diving certification, water proof design
completed stainless steel material for all the metal parts.

USB Charging

Except the traditional charging
way, it can be charged with
portable USB wire!

Battery capacity level

Press the button and hold it for 2 seconds, you will see the battery capacity level indicator for judging your good continuous run-time or the charging time.


Lighter than iPhone 4S.
Models Lamp 3C and 3D just weigh 125g each!!!



Model WISDOM Lamp 3A
Rated capacity 7000 mAh
Rated voltage 3.7 V
Continuous discharging time 13 H(HI) 60 H(LO)
Main light working voltage 3.0 V
Main light working current 80 mA(LO) 570mA(HI)
Main light power 0.24W(LO) 1.71W(HI)
Main light luminous flux 50LM(LO) 265LM(HI)
Lamp lighting degree
(Initial lighting degree in 1 m)
Main light life span 50000 h
Auxiliary light power 0.4 W
Auxiliary light life span 40000 h
Short circuit protection time < 320 μs
Life span of the battery (Recharges) 1200 cycles (In reasonable working condition)
Charging time 5 h
Dimensions 84 x 69 x 50 mm; 3.3 x 2.7 x 2.0 in
Weight 169 g; 5.96oz
Optional parts Rotatable clip, Bicycle mount, Belt, Head strap

Vehicle charger, Power supply, Charger, Lens group