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Yale YDM-7116 Digital Mortise Type Door Lock

by Yale

Yale YDM-7116 Digital Mortise Type Door Lock

  • Various Access

    YDM7116 has 5-in-one to access the lock Fingerprint, Pin Code, RFID Card, Key Override, Bluetooth (via Yale Link app - Optional).

  • One-touch Fingerprint Verification Method (Easy Scan)
    Easy Scan technology has been applied to conveniently read a fingerprint in one touch.

  • Automatic Locking
    After the door was closed, Yale smart locks automatically locks after 3 seconds. (Manual operation is also available.)

  • Voice Guide Feature
    Voice Guide lets you know the operation status and how to set each features and modes.

  • Touch Keypad 
    Wake the device with your palm and leave no trace of fingerprints

  • Alarm (Break-in / Damage)
    80dB alarm goes off if anyone attempts to damage the lock, force the door open.

  • Fake PIN Code
    To prevent the PIN Code from being exposed, it allows you to enter Fake numbers before or after entering your actual PIN Code.

  • Mechanical key override (2 keys)
    For emergency, it can also be unlocked with a mechanical key.


Type Mortise lock
Fingerprint Up to 20
 Card Up to 40
Mechanical key 2
PIN code 4 - 10 digits
Color Champagne Gold and Matte Black
Thickness 40-80mm
Backset 60mm
Front body dimension 68 (W) x 340 (H) x 40.18 (D) mm
Back body dimension 72 (W) x 344 (H) x 36 (D) mm
Door Type Wood or Metal
Handling Reversible (Left or Right)