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Zacchi Auto Booster Water Pump

by Zacchi

Zacchi Auto Booster Water Pump

Use and Installation
They are recommended for pumping clean water and liquids that are chemically non-aggressive for the materials of which the pump is made. Due to their reliability, compact, economy and easy of use, they are particularly suitable for domesic and industrial applications such as water supply for recirculation in air conditioners and refrigerators, industrial water uses in general, and the automatic distribution of water from surge tank, garden watering, water suction from our tank or wells down to 9 meters depth. The pump is equipped with a check valve on the suction side so that no foot valve is required. The pumps must be installed in enclosed places.

Limits of Use
Suction height up to 8m
Liquid temperature up to 100 Celcius
Environmental temperature up to +40 C

Construction Characteristics
Pump Body: Cast Iron
Impeller: Brass
Motor Shaft: 45# Steel or Stainless steel
Mechanic Seal: Ceramic - graphgite
Insulation: Class B
Protection: IP 44

Model Power Size (inch) Max Head (m) Max Flow (l/min) Suction Max (m) Price
ZPW-370 1/2 HP 1" x 1" 36 40 8 6,000.00
ZPW-750 1 HP 1" x 1" 50 57 8 7,200.00