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Microtex Backing Plate 6.8"


Microtex compact  Buffing Solutions

Microtex® PerfectBUFF™ Backing Plate provides the perfect fit for your 7.5" to 8.5" foam pads. It is made of the toughest materials assembled to deliver a backing plate that truly lasts a long time. It incorporates a self-centering design for that perfectly centered pad reducing the load and vibration for the machine making it last longer during the buffing process. Microtex® Backing Plate has a rubber recessed lip that makes pad changing easier in its velcro backing material. It has an advanced micro-velcro hooks that reduces wear and tear during changing, hence prolonging the life and use of your buffing foam pads.

  • FLEXEDGE™ backing with self-center design.
  • Micro-velcro to prolong foam pad use.
  • Recessed lip design for quick change.

SIZE: 6.8 in. Ø
Thread: M14